New WordPress Design

Are you people f–ing kidding me?! New design? I cannot handle this sort of thing. Look. You are young, you are technologically savvy, and you are patient. I am old. I have a small person sucking the life out of me every moment of every day, even the good ones. I have no patience left–I have a high intensity kid and a high intensity parenting philosophy. And no childcare. I am less of a little tiny nub of a person with every gentle-parenting conflict and attachment-parented development. I have nothing left. Please, please don’t go and change the interface or the design or the dashboard or the whatever the fcuk you geeks call the gui these days, because I just can’t handle upheaval in my life right now. I can’t even freaking approve comments because I can’t freaking find them.

Be advised. You’re on warning. If I had to energy to write a strongly worded letter, I would. If I had the education to complain intelligently, or base my claims in something other than neophobia, I would. So just you know, you, you wordpress people, that I am very unhappy, an very put out, and am very likely to do anything about it.



3 thoughts on “New WordPress Design

  1. I felt the same way upon opening my dashboard this morning…basically, WTF? Truth be told, I’d rather have had a bunch new blog designs (you know, for prettyness) than any other changes. Harrumph.

  2. it is true, change is difficult. but inevitable. and constant. the young people of the world understand it. i understood it when i was young. and now, as i enter middle age, i understand nothing. nothing but the the quiet ramblings from a two year old, standing up in her bed at 4 in the morning, whispering “mama. big poop. out. mama, big poop. mama….” i hear whispers like they are screams. change that big poop. change that user interface so us old fogies can’t figure out what’s what. just wait young’uns. you’ll get yours.

  3. I know! WTF! It took precious time that I need for writing to figure everything out. And I second Outside Voice! I know feel compelled to change my design. Like I have the time.

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