New games

What follows are the announcements preceding this week’s new games. Explanations follow, so you can benefit from our experience the past week. Took a while to understand, and now we know all rules.

Peanut: We has we’s name on we’s back!!

(translation: “let’s play catch with a soccer ball pillow.” Not sure where he came up with the name on jersey back thing, since we don’t watch or play organized sports. But apparently he’s seen enough in passing to know that we has we’s name on we’s back when we play.

Peanut: School time!

(translation: “Get in the big cardboard box ‘cuz we’re gonna draw until I say we’re done.”)

Peanut: Knock knock ya need some?

(translation: “let’s play Halloween, but I’ll come, dressed in costume, bearing treats. I’ll give you as many as I see fit, run in circles in the living room, then come back for the booty in a minute.” Often includes the following exchange…
P: Knock knock
Me: Who is it?
P: Who is it?
Me: You say trick or treat.
P: Trick or treat. What are you?
Me: What are you?
P: [chooses a random noun; sometimes Fill-in-the-Adjective Boy]
Me: Oh! You’re a beautiful [noun or Fill-in-the-Adjective Boy]
P: Thank you. You want some? [hands me broken crayons from a bucket]
Me: Thank you.
P: That ’nuff?
Me: mmmm. Little more, please.
P: Here ya go. And extra.
Me: Thank you. Happy Halloween.
P: Happy Halloween! [runs circles in the living room and comes back] Ya need to put some ‘way?
Me: Yes, thank you.
P: Okay bye bye. Peanut goin’ on trip.
Me: Bye. Have a good trip.
P: Bye bye mommy I loves you.)

2 thoughts on “New games

  1. “Bye bye mommy I loves you”

    That is just about the most adorable thing. And I love the random games toddlers play. Especially when I finally get a hold of the “rules.” Reminds me of Calvinball, though, when all the rules change every few seconds? hehe

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