Get off thy ass and get to work

You know, I could continue to waste naptime blogging, reading other people’s blogs, and unpacking the eight-freaking-thousand boxes walling me into this new place. But I blog schlock read by an average of 50 people a day; I read awesome blogs that make me regret not doing more academic work, not writing, and not getting my life in perspective; and unpacking boxes just makes me mad that we have so much crap (for the normal triumvirate of wasteful capitalism, depleted savings, and un-zen clutter).

So I’m off to work on one paragraph of a novel, and to find the list of academic articles that showed enough promise to warrant someone to scrawl “work on this and have it published” in the margins.

See you when I have something decent to show for my life.

[are you f@ck*ng kidding me? I was spellchecking and The Tiny Tyrant awoke. So all I have to show for today’s naptime is a clean sink and a resolution to do something productive tomorrow. Godd@mn it.]

5 thoughts on “Get off thy ass and get to work

  1. oh, i hate that.

    at least you got a naptime. mine declined the whole going-to-sleep-thing today, so i’m hiding from them right now and counting down to bedtime.

  2. don’t stop. i love the schlock. next time remember… NO CLEANING! it’s all just going to get dirty again, anyway!

  3. Hey, at least you have a clean sink! That’s more than I can claim…

    But seriously, I know how hard it is to find that magical moment AND then actually accomplish the desired objective. Usually, I’m so tired from trying to achieve quiet time in the first place (i.e., nap has actually occurred) that I don’t even have any energy left to do whatever it was I meant to do…sigh.

  4. I know! Right now, Sean is letting me know he’s awake. Why can’t they sleep at the same time for a couple of hours? And I know how you feel about not writing the “serious” stuff. I never have any time to write, except blogging, which is becoming more and more time consuming.

  5. I fogot to add that I love your blog, and I hope you keep writing as it does keep you in writing form with immediate feedback. We could all be more editorial for you.

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