Does this thing take quarters?

On a long drive home today, I put in a CD and heard a lovely, nostalgic sound–a jukebox swallowing a quarter. My CD player, however, is not a jukebox, and just after the quarter dropped the right speaker went out. Then a high pitched squeal. Then the left speaker went out. I turned around to look at the sweet little creature who sat, totally clueless as to the wrath he would soon face, reading a Lowly Worm book.

“Did you put money in mommy’s radio?”

“No radio. CD player.”

“Did you put money in mommy’s CD player?”


“Did Mommy tell you no money in the CD player?”

“hmmmmm. Yes.”

“When Mommy tells you no put money in CD, Mommy means no money in CD.”

“”Peanut put money in, money come back out.”

“No. Peanut put CD in, CD come back out. Peanut put money in, money break CD player.”

“Money no breaked it. Mommy breaked it.”

deep, deep breath.

“CD player is for CDs. No money in CD player. Do you understand?”

“Yes. No money in CD player. Money in radio.”

The words “boarding school” are taking on a whole new appeal to a now reformed AP mama…

4 thoughts on “Does this thing take quarters?

  1. i hate to think that you missed a day of kid music, so please, allow me:

    “Ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, banana phone
    Ying yang ying yang ying yang ying yonana phone
    It’s a real live mama and papa phone,
    a brother and sister and a dogaphone,
    a grandpa phone and a grammophone too! Oh yeah!
    My cellular, bananular phone!”

    you’re welcome.

    hopefully now you are too.

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