Cop-out post

I’ll tell you tomorrow (or the next day, or some time that I have child care) about the talk I heard tonight with Dave Eggers and Valentino Achak Deng and Michael Krasny. Interesting on three different levels, none of which I will extrapolate for you tonight. Sorry.  It’s late, I’m tired, and I eat too much when I blog.

I should tell you why we all need to read What is the What, and how I got a very welcome dose of selfless humanity tonight. But for now, here’s this link to someone else’s blog. How’s that for lazy and uninspired? I thought you were inspired tonight, Writing at Naptime. Can’t you do better than this, when writing and reaching people and connecting on a human level seems so important right now? Yes, well, there is that. Seriously? Not quoting from and discussing someone else’s work, but just plain old linking? Um……yep. Gotta love the Internet for the sheer ease of it all. Or so said the several students every stinking semester who plagairized papers for my class despite the dire warnings.

This woman (at a little pregnant) writes so well it makes me want to stop blogging and get back to parenting poorly and barely writing one of my novels.

Okay, now your turn...

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