Thank you, Dr. Timiras

Thank you, Paola Timiras, for granting breadth and depth to my education. Your presence in lecture and in lab changed the way I viewed medical research, and your work in the field of aging, especially the cell-death theory of aging, informs my every daily choice of how I use my body and treat my family’s bodies. You were the consummate professor—-a wonderful lecturer, generously human lab director, and fascinatingly brilliant researcher. Thanks for all you’ve done for biology, Cal, and physiology.

May your work continue to inspire us to greater understanding of humans, especially as we approach what you warned us in early 90s would be the greatest sea change of our time—the aging of the Baby Boom generation. Thank you for making me think compassionately about the social and personal implications of aging.

And thanks for the letter for med school. It got me to the second round, when I dropped out of consideration to be a writer. I never told you that, in part because I still doubt the decision. But I will think of you each time I read about beta-amyloid plagues, aluminum in Alzheimer’s-affected brains, and strong women who tirelessly work to shine—intellectually, personally, and professionally.

We will miss you.

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