Excuse me, Mr. Giuliani, sir?

About your speech:

Interviewing 101 includes the aphorism that you talk about what makes you good, not what makes the other guy bad. And aren’t you arguing this election is a job interview?

Maybe bitter and spiteful is why nobody voted for you in the primaries. Just a guess, watching the convention keynote speech wherein you were particularly venomous.

I think the American people, in general, figure that the GOP has to prove that they’re not just entitled politicians who have demolished, over the past 14 years, our economy, our international standing, and our Constitution. Maybe bilious speeches make sense for a likeminded audience, but hope for the future just sells better than sniping at people who, like you, want to make this a better place to live, work, and succeed.

I know you’ve done some lovely things in your life. But yesterday you just came off as mean.

And mean is icky.

GOP, if you’re all mean and nasty, keep it up. If you’re not monolithically bilious, please change your tone. This could be a really great opportunity to talk about issues and priorities. Please commence.

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