A few of my favorite things

Butter loves sitting in Peanut’s lap. Any time the older brother sits on the floor, the little guy wanders over, turns around, and plops down. They read books, eat snacks, and play games this way.

After four months, Butterbean is finally telling us when he needs to pee. Over the past week he has gone from starting to go, then stopping and telling us and holding it on the way to the toilet, to telling us in advance. We hit a major milestone this weekend when he figured out he can sit down by himself, when he wants. Apparently he wants to sit every two minutes.

Holidays this year will include some of my favorite people. It’s nice to be home and have family and friends around us. Thanksgiving was wonderfully nice. I anticipate more of the same for the Apathy Party, Solstice, Hanukkah, and Christmas.

Every pound I gained last week was worth it. And now I really mean the “mindful choices and more water and vegetables” efforts I have been flirting with.

Since the antibiotics, Butter’s ear infection has subsided. Now we need four weeks without illness to clear them.

He has a few more words this week.

Sleep is a bit better.

Client work has dwindled to one nice project.

Commitment to attachment parenting has been renewed and both children seem pleased.

Boot and Cape Weather has arrived.

I dare not hope for more.

10 thoughts on “A few of my favorite things

  1. oh apathy. makes me want booze and cigarettes. if i ever make it to the west coast again, i’m so crashing your apathy party. will make sure to travel in mid december. chim chortles!

  2. I knew I remembered the Apathy party from somewhere! I still got my giraffe slippers on. Need new bells. The old ones rung out. There’s a new tune this year.

  3. I read the AP invite. I want to come. In pajamas! On the plane!!! I could bring peanuts. : ) I’m glad the parenting/living is going better than before.

  4. jg! Thimblesful of whiskey and chim chim at the apathy party. Ta ha. Bring the ladies.

    unicorn, you’re welcome to come with the old bells. Or the new bells. Whatevs. We’re all loosey goosey and unjudgmental at the apathy party. Come on over.

    Stephane, do it! You can even eat the peanuts on the way and still be welcome. To bags of snacks and beverages from compostable cups. Because why would we wash dishes after a celebration of apathy?

  5. Thanks, Jane-y Jane Jane. We started potty introduction because 1) he HATES diapers and 2) I wanted a distraction from kindergarten preparations. I was driving myself crazy worrying about Peanut’s imminent demise in kindergarten, so I focused on smiling while cleaning the wet floors that taught me what I needed to know about his what/when/whys. It’s been four months and I think my original prediction of “potty trained by Christmas” is too early by a couple of months. Maybe. Either way, it was nice to see him finally interested and proud of himself.

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