Good point, sir.

Me: Peanut, get your shoes. We have to go.
5YO: Mom, we don’t have to go.
Me: Good point. We don’t have to. We should and I want to.
5YO: But I don’t. So I won’t.


Me: Butter, feet on the floor please.
1YO: [laughing] Nah nah nah.
Me: Feet down, please. Tables are dangerous.
1YO: [laughing, running for other side of table] Nah nah nah.
Me: Yes, yes yes.
5YO: Mom, you just told him yes to climb. That’s confusing him.


Me: Peanut, we need to clean this up before bed.
5YO: Well, we don’t need to. You just want to. So you do it.
Me: Well, I don’t want to play with it, so maybe I’ll just give it away.
5YO: No you won’t. We need toys.
Me: You don’t really need it. You want it.
5YO: No. You’re wrong. I need it.

You, young man, make excellent points. Now go make them to your new teacher, heaven help her.

12 thoughts on “Good point, sir.

  1. You have your hands full. Plus, he needs to start practicing somewhere for the incredible logic needed to run the entire Universe. My motor mouths did not make a peep in school till the end of May…However, the minute we got in the car, they made up for lost time…Godspeed to you!

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