The first box is packed and I have a cut from the cardboard.

Poor prioritization means taxes have been submitted but journal articles haven’t.

Two bouts of flu in three weeks and I am now afraid of food.

Peanut is funny and defiant. Butter calls everything he likes a dog or a vacuum.

And they both run in different directions now.

Game on.

6 thoughts on “Blink

  1. Welcome to my world! I agree with jc. You need to set up some invisible webs, a la Spiderman…or grow some seriously LONG arms…

    By the way, 2 bouts of the flu in three weeks is about seven kinds of wrong. I am SO sorry! Have you been taking your probiotic like a good girl?

  2. I’m tired just imagining the running in different directions, especially weakened by post-flu status. You need a spa day. And a magic wand.

  3. Barriers and containment devices. Necessary evils. Until, of course, you catch your 2-year-old swinging from the baby gate at the top of the stairs. Then the barrier becomes negligence and you’re basically screwed.

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