Now I know…

Wanna know how to find the people who notice whether you exist on this planet or not? Have a baby. People who actually care will make showing their feelings a priority. People who don’t give you another thought at least tell you in their absence how they really feel…

13 thoughts on “Now I know…

  1. Streamlining/hedge trimming: awesome. Except then won’t you have to keep doing it every few years as your hedges grow back in, so to speak? ;)

  2. Hey, who wants to carry around dead weight when it comes to relationships…

    And really, if babies (especially OTHER people’s babies) cannot bring out the best in people, then I think that they cannot be called people anymore…

  3. Well, really, do you have time for people like that now that you have another newborn? I think not. (Said by a fellow mom with no time for BS…)


  4. Seriously! We got abandoned my some friends when we had eldest. We were confused and hurt, but it ended up that we were better off without them. Now with two, we haven’t lost friends, but that’s likely because most of our friends have multiple kids. So it’s actually nice to have their perspective on things. Sorry some people are being jerks to you!

  5. i know this. this is a whole chapter, isn’t it? i cried about this nasty side effect for years. then a friend who only half disappeared explained things from his point of view. and a little bit of understanding emerged. from me. it’s hard to have a new baby. and it’s hard to be around people who have a new baby if you don’t have any, and can’t possibly relate to the chaos that is an infant. the good ones come back eventually. and usually prove themselves worthy of love again.

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