URL surprises abound

Did you know that, if, in a fit of rage, you type ihatemyhusband.com into the URL box thingie up top there, you get a squatter site that links to Russian brides? That is just six kinds of wrong.

And seriously? Nobody has claimed and developed these sites?

But these URLs forward as follows…
failure.com to a scientific and engineering firm
despondence.com is a clearinghouse for mental health ads

no surprise….
depression.com is owned by a Big Pharma company selling their bottled happiness. So why don’t they buy mykidsaredrivingmecrazy.com and iwanttoothrottlemyhusband.com ?

8 thoughts on “URL surprises abound

  1. Hm. I’d planned a lame snark about how the problem was probably that you were using “.com” instead of “.org.”

    Then a quick Google search revealed that there is, in fact, ihatemyspouse.org.

    Apparently, depression is more marketable than murderous rage.

  2. Hilarious! But thank goodness! Can you imagine if such places on the the Web actually existed!??!

    Take a deep breathe, remember why you married/had kids in the first place (I have found that pictures generally augument the horrid mood exponentially “God I was thin, etc.”) and move on…

    Great post!

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