Hello, Freud, good to see ya

Because so many used bookstores in my ‘hood have gone under, I had to use amazon to find a used copy of Siblings without Rivalry.

They sent, instead, Mother Loss: Coping with the Death of a Mother.

My, Alanis, that’s almost ironic, given my recent posts about how the soon-to-be sibling is killing me.

10 thoughts on “Hello, Freud, good to see ya

  1. I sent them an email and they said they’d refund my money and I could “enjoy the book with their compliments.” Um, unless you’re conspiring with my kid to grant me patience through fear of mortality, or creep me out by portending my mom’s demise, you might want to rephrase the whole entreaty to enjoy this text. Maybe “perhaps someone in your life will have a use for this book so please pass it along with our compliments.” Or something more customer service-y.
    J, that’s exactly why I wanted the book. Everybody at our touchy-feely AP preschool has a copy on their shelf, so I figured there’s some magic in there.

  2. The book Amazon sent you instead was interesting enough (as you pointed out in your post.) But their response to enjoy with their compliments after you pointed out the error? I’m speechless.

  3. J, that was my thought exactly.
    Dana, I’d love to.
    Jen, precisely.
    jc, the typed blinking in speechlessness/horror/confusion is my single favorite trope. Love thinking it would be part of “how I write this when I get home” in awkward social situations, but it’s just perfect here.
    Found a card in the book. Mother’s Day wishes from someone hoping it would make this Mother’s Day easier.
    Must not have.

  4. I’m still trying to figure out how you have siblings without rivalry. Mine are going at it, and I have yet to declare one of them my favorite. Let me know how that book goes. Siblings without rivalry. Yup, still looks weird when I type it.

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