Only 21 more days ’til January.

Tomorrow is my day to prepare, bring, and serve a healthful snack at preschool. 25 kids, 12 adults, and a requirement for whole grains and protein, all organic. WTF, people…I already have enough trouble getting three people fed around here.

Tonight my sewer is overflowing into my garage. No big deal. Landlord has a standing account with a 24-hour plumber. How’s that for a silver lining in a shitstorm?

Computers are still busted. Found a loophole that lets me write one sentence each hour and eventually post. I think my computers want me on Twitter and off everything else.

Packing for an awesome trip that will be way too short and that is sure to be fabulous until the moment USAir (why they are still in business escapes me) strands us in Phoenix on the way home. As they always do. Without fail. It’s like the Phoenix chamber of commerce paid the whole airline to make sure people read those lame ass signs for just a few extra hours. People, if I wanted to be in Arizona, I would be in Tucson. Not Phoenix, and not the Phoenix airport. Save your money and let us pass. I can answer your three questions AND I brought you a shrubbery.

Now it’s only 20 days until January.

4 thoughts on “Aaaaaah.

  1. You are awesome. Your sewer is overflowing, your computer is acting up, and you still are going to feed all of those people healthy stuff. I think you’re my hero.

    And “I can answer your three questions AND I brought you a shrubbery” is just another of the many reasons I adore you. LOL! And long live the Knights who say Ni.

  2. I *love* thinkgeek stuff. The PC EZ bake oven is on my bookshelf and the laptop feet are great for my overheating piece of crap.

    Those cactus shrubs are pricks.

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