Just running the numbers now…

Yup, my calculations support this thesis: sixteen hours a day is too long to spend with someone. Even someone who is wonderful, adorable, brilliant, creative, funny, and sweet, with a great perspective that makes life interesting.

Especially if that someone is human and has a few minor flaws, the most glaring of which is that he’s three. and that he’s here, every day, all day, for sixteen hours, seven days a week.

On a wonderful day, like today, where everyone is in a great mood, the weather is stellar, the universe cooperates, and everyone has joy in their heart and a smile on their face, by about hour thirteen, things start to devolve…

6 thoughts on “Just running the numbers now…

  1. nobody looks good after 13 hours. we should all just go into our respective bedrooms and stare out the windows at that point. or bang our heads against some walls. or have a drink. two drinks.

  2. @j sing it, sister.
    @ck oh, you didn’t realize that, not only does he wake several times a night screaming, but he also tops out at 9 hours? We usually get about 8 hours apart and then get up and do it all over the next day. Makes for a cheerful, empathetic mommy, no?
    @kw i’ve told you before and I’ll tell you again, 8 am is mimosa time.
    @ink I know, seriously. Tell mommy to leave the room or leave you alone and she’s in all kinds of happy.

  3. Oh, darling. That truly stinks. As Evan, still sneaks into my bed, which is easier now that the husband is gone a lot. I just yell, “If you don’t leave me alone, you have to go back to your bed.”

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