Stress fractures are the new little black dress

Wanna feel good about your third month on crutches? Show up at the Cal all-comers track meet every other Saturday morning. Taking your fee and marking your hand will be the entire cadre of Cal on crutches, a small but gorgeous contingent of young men with stress fractures. Cutie Number One has a hairline crack in his femur. (Don’t get me started about what I could do to alleviate his pain.) Cutie Number Two has a stress fracture in this third met. Oh, really. I have one in my fourth. Maybe we could…oh, wait. You’re fit and, like, 20, and I’m not fit anymore because of the little dodgeable I chase around on my crutches. Have I mentioned my husband and three year old and weaning weight? Oh, you notices all three, eh? Yeah.

I guess we’re not meant to be.

But at least I feel a little more comfortable surrounded by other glass feet.

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