Can’t stop laughing

I’m really not okay with linking to another blog as my post, but I can’t help it. My abs hurt from laughing so hard, and the only mascara I’ve worn in two months is dripping onto my “hey, you’ve taken out your contacts, shouldn’t you be in bed” glasses.

Have at it. Twisted, hilarious FREAK, she is.

Love it.

And on her other site:

whose god is nicer

I think that says it all.

3 thoughts on “Can’t stop laughing

  1. Facebook sucks. Moosewood rocks! Peanut is so wonderfully observant (a true blessing, for dealing with life, but a possible burden for his dear Mom). You, of course, are a gem. Thank you for being equally observant as your little one and for taking the time to share it with others.

  2. Thank you, thank you. I needed that post today.

    I have one for you with a link in it, which I’ll be putting up this weekend. The reason I can’t post it right now is that I’m still laughing too hard to type it up.

    Although I’m typing here.

    But that’s still my excuse.

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