Oh my heavens, it’s the best birthday EVER.

I wish I were a twitter gal, because we just found, in a desperate attempt to avoid buying Charlie and Lola (whom we all adore because who doesn’t like sassy British kids left to parent themselves?) videos for poor tv-deprived Peanut, that hulu has Silver Spoons! The pilot, and 22 episodes. I could twitter every commercial break, all atwitter.

I was going to tell you about the cake Peanut made for me. (We altered Moosewood’s pilfered Six Minute Chocolate Cake recipe to include blackberries. He’s been reading Bread and Jam for Frances twice a day for a week, so he wanted to compromise when I said no frosting. His suggestion? Jam. So we added a cocoa-raspberry glaze.) But I can’t, CAN’T be writing to you about cake when a ‘tweeny Ricker is on my computer.



Sigh. I’m so. so. so. old.

3 thoughts on “Oh my heavens, it’s the best birthday EVER.

  1. Uh, yeah. The Ricker and the Jason Bateman at his cutest. Well, maybe not the pinnacle of cuteness. Now you know how I spend my weekends.

  2. dan-a-dan-dan-dan, da…forget it. it was trying to sing you the Charlie and Lola open. instead i’ll wish you a happy birthday.
    or as Charlie would say, “This is actually my party.”

    and ps: if you get comcast, pbs sprout on-demand has the Frances series. it absolutely sucks, but we watched the Bread and Jam for Frances the other day. (did i just admit that in writing?)

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