Rantlets, little rants of the day (iv)

Hey, people who believe things: stop using your kids to campaign for you. It’s disgusting to have children who can’t form their own opinions holding signs for anything, let alone for hatred, discrimination, and bigotry.

Oh, and companies who make kids’ toys? So help me, if one more toy hollers out after being abandoned for 30 seconds, I’m gonna boycott your whole freaking company. Peanut actually has a toy that clears its throat and bellows, “Excuse me!” to get him to come back and play with it. Newsflash: you piss me off, I won’t buy your toys. Newsflash ii: toys that don’t know when it’s time to move on piss me off. Newsflash iii: when my kid’s falling asleep in the car, a toy that wakes him up to demand that he play some more really pisses me off. Newsflash iv: You know who you are, LeapFrog bastards. Unless you change your ways and announce your contrition publically, I’ll make sure you’re on the entertainment non grata list this Chrismakkah.

By the way, country: way to go on that election thing. I’m not totally pleased, vis a vis California ballot initiatives. But overall, you done good, nation. It’s nice to share this country with you.

5 thoughts on “Rantlets, little rants of the day (iv)

  1. I wrestled with putting my political preference on my kid. She wore a button someone gave her for a few hours, but otherwise that was it. I don’t really feel negatively when others do it; even those from opposing parties. But then again, while I write and argue for different causes, I don’t tend to post signs or wear t-shirts.

  2. Question? Which ballot initiative did I fail to vote for or not vote for?

    And as for the toy thing. I totally agree. We have a kitchen that says “I declare, are you still there?” over and over and over with this fake southern accent to the point I want to smash it in. I wonder where the batteries are . . .

  3. The only thing worse than the toy waking up a sleeping kid is when the batteries start to die and a warbled Baby Tad cries out from the playroom in the middle of the night. (BT is no longer with us. He went to live with a nice family on a farm.)

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